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More standard software and included features:

  • Foresight
  • Magic Power Boost
  • Feathersight
  • Truesense+
  • Header-specific applications

Horizon® Controller for Corn

Offering the most advanced header control and diagnostics available at your finger tips.

Headsight's Horizon® offers the most advanced header control and diagnostics at your finger tips.  It uses the existing OEM display enabling the operator to update settings, view diagnostic info, and perform calibrations without ever leaving the cab.  Horizon enhances the performance of header height control and adds extensive capabilities to monitor and control header functions.


New user interface

  • In-cab | Easier to access
  • Uses existing OEM display | Requires no additional monitors in the cab
  • ISO – compatible | Uses world-wide standard technology, Displays on Virtual Terminal
  • Easier updates | External USB port and Techlink™
  • Improved performance
  • Faster processor | Allows quicker response
  • More accurate calibrations | Ensures more repeatable performance

New automatic calibration

  • Performed from the cab | No additional trips up and down the ladder
  • Automatically detects critical information by simply lowering the header | Reduces calibration errors
  • Calibration quality feedback | Helps ensure accurate calibration for maximum performance
  • Patent Pending

Advanced PinPoint® diagnostic features

  • Continuously monitors sensor and wiring health | Gives early alert to potential problems
  • Displays wire number associated with each signal | Speeds troubleshooting
  • Quickly locates open circuits in sensor power or signal wires | PinPoints the error*
  • Patent Pending
​*Works for 5 height sensors, 1 Truesense sensor, Displays the distance to the fault within a couple feet, Must have SW Version 2.12 with Horizon box serial number 300725 and up

More standard software and optional features

  • Foresight | Included with standard software
  • Magic Power Boost | Included with standard software
  • Truesense+ | Row guidance with Headsight's crop sensor, OEM steering controls, and the Horizon user interface
  • Header-specific applications | Headsight has partnered with leading aftermarket header companies to provide in-cab monitoring and control of header functions.

Header-Specific Horizon Applications


Headsight has partnered with leading aftermarket header companies like GeringhoffDrago, and Capello to provide custom, header-specific Horizon Apps for Corn Headers, allowing in-cab monitoring and control of header functions from the combine VT.