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Header Specific Applications

Headsight has partnered with leading aftermarket header companies like Shelbourne, Capello, Drago and Geringhoff to provide in-cab monitoring and improved control of header functions.

Headsight® Solutions

Headsight® & John Deere Announce Partnership!


Headsight is pleased to announce Terrahawk®, a non-contact radar height sensor for headers.

Header Height Control for Grain from Headsight®

See why the HEADSIGHT® patented design gives you the best header height control on the market.

Benefits & Solutions

  • Increases yield
  • Reduces down time
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Provides automatic height and tilt control for grain headers
  • Integrates with existing combine height and tilt circuits.
  • Includes 1-year parts warranty.
  • Installs on most combines and headers made in the past 30 years.
  • Works with many different standing grains.
  • Feathersight® option- allows seamless operation from on ground to off ground operation.

Header Height Sensors

Terrahawk® - Radar Height Sensor
Headsight is pleased to announce Terrahawk, a non-contact radar height sensor for headers.  Terrahawk interfaces with Headsight’s Horizon™ controller to provide industry-leading in-field performance.  Learn More...
Flexible Poly Arm Sensor
Headsight’s patented Flexible Poly Arm design allows the sensing arm to absorb the abuse of the field and fully contact the ground - even at higher operating speeds.

Find the Right Sensors for you


Sensor Mounting Locations

Headsight offers three mounting locations and sensor styles to accommodate different headers and ground conditions giving your header control the earliest possible response.

The versatile and robust Standard sensor design mounts just behind the cutterbar for flex, and draper headers. Header specific mounting brackets are available for most popular header  models.
The narrow profile of the Terrace sensor allows the sensor to mount in front of the header on the crop dividers – giving the combine an even earlier warning of changes in ground conditions. The Terrace sensor system is recommended for operators with challenging terrain or high harvesting speeds.
The compact Low-Profile sensor mounts directly under the cutterbar using the existing cutterbar guard bolts.  This mount allows easy installation on rigid cutterbar headers.

Performance Upgrades

Feathersight® | Precision feathering where you need it.
By using the readings from the header height sensors and the pressure from the feederhouse lift cylinders, Feathersight combines the operating range of the height sensors with the operating range of float mode to give seamless control through the whole range from in the air to pressure on the ground, also allowing the operator to feather the header lightly on the ground.  This added flexibility maximizes yield by enabling header optimization for the crop conditions of the area being harvested.



Horizon® Controller | The Most Advanced Header Control System
Horizon provides superior header height performance and integrates header functions/features to the in-cab interface.
Insight® Controller
Insight surpasses OEM header height performance by adding features and advanced settings with an interface controller mounted at the back of the head.

Find the Right Controller for you

Header-Specific Horizon Controllers

Headsight has partnered with leading aftermarket header companies like Shelbourne to provide custom, header-specific Horizon Apps for Grain Headers, allowing in-cab monitoring and improved control of header functions from the combine VT.