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Tilt Kit for MacDon Heads

Allows the feederhouse lateral tilt to automatically follow the head through changes in terrain.

JD 600FD to 60 Series Kit

Provides electrical conversion functionality.

Headsight's Electrical Adapters

Providing a solution for Unmatched Brands

Solution Kits

Understanding the needs of the farmer is our business.  Headsight takes pride in providing solution kits to enhance the performance of combines and headers as well as conversion kits to adapt between unmatched brands and model years.

  • Tilt Kit for MacDon | Adds automatic lateral tilt to improves performance on hillsides, terraces, rolling ground, and other challenging terrain.
  • Hydraulic Kit for Agco | Updates combines to have proportional valves on the raise and lower circuits to improved hydraulic response.
  • Stability Kit for Shelbourne XCV | Allows the Shelbourne XCV float suspension springs to be pretensioned to increase the combine's control over the header lateral tilt. 
  • Conversion Kits | Adapts between combines and headers of different brands and model years.