Complete Header Control for Corn | Headsight Harvesting Solutions

Magic Power Boost

Get more horsepower from your combine. 

The Magic Power Boost option allows operators with any make or model of corn head to take advantage of same additional combine power available with John Deere Stalkmaster head.

Discover Horizon®

Combining your experience with our technology.

More standard software and included features:

  • Foresight
  • Magic Power Boost
  • Feathersight
  • Truesense+
  • Header-specific applications

Truesight® 2

The Next Generation In Row Guidance

Headsight’s Truesight 2 system is the most advanced row guidance on the market, offering improved diagnostics and support for newer steering devices

Complete Header Control for Corn

Which Controller is Right for you?

  Direct Wire Insight Horizon
Supports Headsight analog sensors X X X
Maximum # of analog sensors 2 or 3 5 7
Supports Terrahawk radar sensors     X
Basic height control X    
Advanced height control   X  
Most advanced height control     X
Foresight (corn systems only)   option standard
Compatible with Techlink App     X
VT interface     X
Advanced calibration     X
PinPoint® diagnostic features     X
Supports Header Apps     X



Horizon® Controller | The Most Advanced Header Control System
Headsight’s Horizon Controller provides superior header height performance, reliability and integrated header functions to the in-cab virtual terminal interface.  Advanced features include automatic calibration, in-cab monitoring and control of header functions for many leading aftermarket header companies, the PinPoint® diagnostic system to continuously monitor wiring and sensors, the ability to support up to  7 height sensors, and standard Headsight features like Foresight and Magic Power Boost (for John Deere combines).
Insight® Controller
The Headsight Insight interface controller surpasses OEM and direct wire header height performance by adding features and advanced settings.  The Insight controller increases the maximum number of analog height sensors to 5 and offers advanced height control.  Additional precision performance controls like Foresight and Magic Power Boost (for John Deere combines) are optional features available with Insight.