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Techlink App

Update from a mobile device

The Headsight - Techlink App is a counterpart to the Truesight 2 and Horizon controller from Headsight, Inc. It may be used to download and install new controller software – allowing you to have the latest features and functionality.  The Techlink App may also be used to send diagnostic log files to the Headsight support team if you need assistance with your product.

    Update Quickly

    • Requires an iOS or Android device
    • Get the latest features available
    • Easy in-field update
        • No computer or USB needed

        Retrieve Diagnostic Log

        • Retrieve and send diagnostic logs
        • More information for in-field diagnostics

        The App can be downloaded for free at the iTunes App Store or Google Play

        The Headsight - Techlink App is for use with Truesight 2 and Horizon controllers with software 2.4.0 and later