Truesense™ | Headsight Harvesting Solutions


    Truesense Row Guidance uses Headsight's single crop sensor design with the Truesense module and OEM steering controls.  Truesense works on OEM and aftermarket headers.

    Truesense Features

    • Single crop sensor design
    • Allows Factory row guidance to be used with off brand heads
    • Adds performance in down and goose necked corn
    • Reduced Fatigue
    • Increased Yield

    Systems Currently available

    The Truesense module integrates Headsight's single crop sensor design with Factory row guidance systems including:

    • John Deere RowSense - require the RowSense unlock from John Deere
    • Lexion AutoPilot 

    Which Row Guidance System is right for me?

      Truesense Truesense + Truesight 2
    Durable Hall Effect sensor X X X
    Robust single-sensor design X X X
    Mounts on any header X X X
    Uses OEM steering algorithm X X  
    Uses advance Headsight steering algorithm     X
    Requires OEM guidance unlock X X  
    In-Cab diagnostics   X X
    Compatible with Headsight mobile app     X
    VT Interface   X optional
    TS remote display     optional
    Works with aftermarket steering devices     X
    Tilt compensation     X
    Advanced settings     X
    Serves as Horizon bridge     optional
    Supports redundant crop sensors   optional optional
    Auto crop-detect for swap to GPS   X