Truesight 2 | Headsight Harvesting Solutions

Truesight® 2

The Next Generation In Row Guidance

Headsight’s Truesight 2 system is the most advanced row guidance on the market, offering improved diagnostics and support for newer steering devices.

Truesight 2

The Next Generation of Truesight®

Headsight is pleased to announce Truesight® 2 row guidance. Truesight® 2 continues the tradition of class-leading performance and flexibility while adding features for the modern harvesting operation.


  • Allows operator to focus on other vital tasks
  • Reduces operator fatigue, enabling longer harvesting hours
  • Stays centered on row in poor visibility
  • Increases yield by reducing butt shelling


  • Most Advanced Row Guidance Control
  • Directly controls valves or steering motor for maximum control
  • Advanced Settings to increase performance in the toughest conditions
  • Compatibility with existing Truesight systems
  • Tilt Compensation for hillsides 
  • Easy WIFI updates
  • Easy operation


Truesight2 systems can be calibrated and operated from the cab using:

Truesight remote - Orginal control display

VT Display option - Allows the operator to interface directly from the combines OEM VT display


Systems currently available are:

Truesight 2

  • JD AutoTrac Steering Valves
  • CNH AccuGuide/IntelliSteer Steering Valves
  • Trimble AutoPilot Valves
  • EZ-Pilot and EZ-Steer Motor
  • OnTrac3, OnTrac2 and OnTrac Motors
  • Outback E-Drive Valves
  • ParaDyme Valves
  • GeoSteer Valves