Feathersight® | Headsight Harvesting Solutions


Precision feathering where you need it.

The Problem...


There are 2 modes for grain header height control (HHC), standard HHC using height sensors, or float mode. But neither one allows you to run HHC near or lightly on the ground.


The Solution...

Feathersight combines the operating range of the height sensors with the operating range of float mode to give seamless control through the whole range from high in the air to pressure on the ground. This includes the ability to feather the header lightly on the ground.


How it works...

Feathersight uses HEADSIGHT’s Insight or Horizon control box to read both the header height sensors and the feederhouse lift cylinder pressure to control the header and float it on the ground.

Headsight ties into existing combine lift pressure sensor if combine is equipped.


Headsight supplies a combine lift pressure sensor if combine is not equipped.

The Feathersight feature is standard on all Headsight Horizon grain systems and optional on Insight grain systems.  Feathersight broadens the header height range to allow the operator versatility to run from on the ground to fifteen inches off the ground. This added flexibility maximizes yield by enabling header optimization for the crop conditions of the area being harvested.