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Corn Height Sensors

Which Height Sensor is Right for you?

  Poly Arm Sensor Terrahawk Radar Height Sensor
Proven mechanical feelers X  
Non-contacting radar   X
Reads thru crop material   X
Maximum height range (corn) ~10" ~36"
Senses top of crop   Coming soon!
No moving parts   X
Fits most headers X  
Works with Insight X  
Works with Horizon X X


Terrahawk™ - Radar Height Sensor

Terrahawk™ is a non-contacting radar height sensor that interfaces with the Horizon controller to provide industry-leading in-field performance.  Terrahawk is currently available only through Headsight's Experimental Use program.


Terrahawk Radar Sensor

  • Most Advanced Header Height Control Sensor
  • Non-contacting radar sensors
  • Senses through crop material to find ground
  • Increased height range



Poly Arm Sensors

Headsight’s patented Flexible Poly Arm design allows the sensing arm to flex which helps absorb the abuse of the field, thus increasing sensor life.  The adjustable spring down pressure helps the sensor force through the stubble to fully contact the ground, even at higher operating speeds.

Poly Arm Sensor

  • Accurate long lasting patented height sensors
  • 1-year parts warranty on sensors
  • All sensors (up to 5) independently control height
  • Works with most combines made in the last 30 years