Insight Software Updates | Headsight Harvesting Solutions

Insight Software Updates

Instructions for how to upgrade to the new Insight software are included in the downloaded zip file in PDF form.

Version - 4.23

  • Fixes a bug [4.17] where setting up a Lexion 500 with Accumulator (no springs) would blank the LCD.
  • Text Updates, Signal names for p23, p24 were corrected.

Version - 4.22

  • Fixes a bug [4.01] where an error could throw for low sensor voltage, near sensor minimum.

Version - 4.18

  • Support for Rev12 hardware.
  • Simplified support for one sensor systems.
  • Added support for newer NH TX & TC “dot” machines.
  • UI improvements.
  • Updated phone number to 574-220-5511.

Version - 4.16

  • Fixes a bug that could set the wrong box revision. Boxes on 4.11 - 4.15 need to update.
  • Changed minimum sensor voltage to .33V from .30V for consistency with Horizon.

Version - 4.14

  • All updates from 4.11
  • Slightly lowered the minimum sensor threshold

Version - 4.11

  • Added support for R10 boxes - R5 through R9 are also supported. If using R4 or earlier, please call for update options.
  • Added Driver Test and Signals Page to “Detailed Diagnostics”
  • Redesigned “Disp Sensor Voltage” to “Display Voltage” now includes output voltages as well as the sensor inputs
  • Added Support for CIH HILLCO
  • Added Support for NH FR Chopper
  • Fixed a bug with JD DAM and AGCO setup menus
  • Fixed a bug where checkmarks did not appear when on saved setup
  • General updates, misc. text, and translation updates
  • Improved rounding

Version - 4.01

  • Feathersight lost pressure sensor updates, set outputs to minimum, status light = red w/green blink
  • Foresight unlock code value update
  • Added Spanish language support. Note this makes the file too big for R4 and earlier, an English only version is available if required.
  • Update Insight screen "logo"
  • Selection arrow defaults to Setup not Perform Cal
  • Added combine select text for CIH 9250
  • Removed clipping of unscaled feathersight input
  • Updated CMT limits
  • Update CNH model text, changed from "5088 - 9240 AFX" to "5088 - 9250 AFX"
  • Added a set fuses command so configuration settings are not overwritten by a software update
  • Add Tilt Balance to setup menu for JD10
  • Added software version number to logo page
  • Fixed a problem with R8 version boxes that caused Foresight and box hours to be lost after reset

Version - 3.91

  • Menu navigation improvements
  • Running min/max reset when errors are cleared
  • Disable raise/lower outputs during calibration (JDDAM, JD1450, AGCOpre97)
  • Change output range to 3-7V (NHCR 10V)
  • Ignore CM sensors if LL chosen (JDDAM)
  • Add Std/Conversion choice (JDDAM, AGCO pre97)
  • Disable pressure bypass (Lexion 6/700)
  • Add tilt sensitivity setting (CIH 1/2000)
  • Text change to “Fully lower header” during cal
  • Support for R8 hardware

Version - 3.81

  • Bug fix for level land flex heads on DAM combines with single point

Version - 3.80

  • Updated Portuguese text
  • HHC algorithm update – Shifty3 for many combines
  • Add tilt sensitivity/tilt balance settings to more combine models
  • Update swing to small error (<1.0V) and sensor enable (>0.5V) during cal
  • Add Split-Flex
  • Add CIH 9240 text
  • Change CIH x088-x240 outputs to 1-4V
  • Change AGCO outputs to 1.2-3.8V
  • Adjust Field-Tracker sensitivity logic for CIH and AGCO
  • Update pass-through for p16 (p15 vs p21) Bug fixes