Insight Software Updates | Headsight, Inc.

Insight Software Updates

Instructions for how to upgrade to the new Insight software are included in the downloaded zip file in PDF form.

Version - 3.91

  • Menu navigation improvements
  • Running min/max reset when errors are cleared
  • Disable raise/lower outputs during calibration (JDDAM, JD1450, AGCOpre97)
  • Change output range to 3-7V (NHCR 10V)
  • Ignore CM sensors if LL chosen (JDDAM)
  • Add Std/Conversion choice (JDDAM, AGCO pre97)
  • Disable pressure bypass (Lexion 6/700)
  • Add tilt sensitivity setting (CIH 1/2000)
  • Text change to “Fully lower header” during cal
  • Support for R8 hardware

Version - 3.81

  • Bug fix for level land flex heads on DAM combines with single point

Version - 3.80

  • Updated Portuguese text
  • HHC algorithm update – Shifty3 for many combines
  • Add tilt sensitivity/tilt balance settings to more combine models
  • Update swing to small error (<1.0V) and sensor enable (>0.5V) during cal
  • Add Split-Flex
  • Add CIH 9240 text
  • Change CIH x088-x240 outputs to 1-4V
  • Change AGCO outputs to 1.2-3.8V
  • Adjust Field-Tracker sensitivity logic for CIH and AGCO
  • Update pass-through for p16 (p15 vs p21) Bug fixes