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Horizon Software Updates

Instructions for how to upgrade to the new Horizon software are included in the downloaded zip file in PDF form.

Version - 2.13.1

  • Horizon 2.13.1
  • Add: Header Fore-Aft(HFAT) Pressure and Combine Speed now available on Signals page
  • Fix: Advanced Pinpoint® now works much more reliably on Non-Corn Heads
  • Fix: “Active when Raised” checkbox now works as intended on Truesense+
  • Fix: Geringhoff Hydraulic Functions now stay on when switching to Diagnostics Page
  • Truesight(2.30) and Truesight2(2.13.30)
  • Fix: Truesight2 now disengages when entering Roadmode
  • Fix: Rare Issue with TS2 base connected to a TS Remote, where wheels would not stop turning left after an Auto-DZ cal: wheels now no longer keep turning.

Version - 2.11.0

  • Horizon 2.11.0
  • Upd: NH voltage scaling for 5V and 10V machines
  • Add: Support Bish Header
  • Fix: I2C optimizations to reduce time servicing accelerometer and USB
  • Fix: Improved communication with VT to address “dropped pools”
  • Fix: UI fixes with SSID, log page, and header signals.
  • Truesight(2.26) and Truesight2(2.11.26)
  • Dis: Disable Updating function to TS Remote
  • Inc: Bootloader V1.3.6
  • Fix: Consistent text in pools
  • Fix: Crop sensor >4.7V, but measures fine
  • Fix: Reset CurveDelay back to default after key cycle
  • Add: Support for Engage status to fill in TS2 logo
  • Add: Support for Show/Hide Engage controls when in RoadMode
  • Upd: Update versions for Bootloader V1.3.6
  • Fix: Move variable definitions to comply with C89 standard
  • Fix: Dropped pools
  • Fix: Bootloader V1.3.5 USB updating
  • Add: Support for starting in RoadMode for each key cycle
  • Add: Support to display engage status on VT
  • Fix: I2c_Fixes for accelerometer and eeprom
  • Fix: Possible Full left steer on JD ATV
  • Fix: Steering Test not fully disengaging
  • Fix: TS2 not disengaging after AutoDeadZone Cal
  • Fix: Default Tilt cal to Connector facing Rear
  • Fix: /diag/disengage - disengage & AT engage clarify text
  • Fix: Encoders counting without moving steering wheel
  • Fix: Validation of EEPROM variables after an update
  • Fix: Move ee syncing from eeprom.c to sync.c
  • *HZ Bootloader v1.3.5, TS Bootloader v1.3.6, ONYX 3.33a, CSG 0.0.1

Version - 2.10.3

  • Fix EZ-Pilot comm
  • Fix Disappearing pools
  • Bug fixes

Version - 2.10.2

  • Contains Bootloader v1.3.5, ONYX 3.33a, CSG and TS2
  • Drago header angle offset corrected
  • Buttons now latch for manual overrides i.e. Geringhoff Lock/Fold buttons
  • Removed erroneous Truesense errors being thrown on startup
  • Better logic for analog readings at start up
  • Fixed slow eeprom reading on Bridge

Version - 2.10.0

  • Contains Bootloader v1.3.5, ONYX 3.33a
  • Please Key Cycle after all updates are done
  • Better pool loading and stability
  • Wireless updates from Bridge app to Base
  • Logging though USB is now available

Version - 2.9.2

  • Added support for Truesight 2

Version - 2.9.1

  • Contains Bootloader v1.3.5, ONYX 3.29a, and CSG 0.0.1
  • Fixed Shelbourne Header App input settings and alarm

Version - 2.9.0

  • Contains Bootloader v1.3.5, ONYX 3.25x, and CSG 0.0.1
  • New Logo for Drago Header App
  • Diagnostics bar graph color when in the dead zone is fixed
  • Fix for loading Header Apps/Truesense
  • Fix for items on the VT not updating/displaying current information
  • Fix for display of SSID, no more erroneous 2s
  • Analog sensor diagnostics starts after number of sensors is selected and when warmed up
  • More robust CAN message forwarding from Bridge to Base unit over Wifi
  • 12V Protected calculation corrected
  • ISO ETP optimizations

Version - 2.7.2

  • Contains ONYX 3.25x that has faster log transfer speeds
  • Bug fixes for TH control logic Horizon Release Notes