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Terrahawk Radar Height Control Featured at Farm Machinery Show

Headsight to Debut Latest Terrahawk Radar Height Control at Farm Machinery Show

Headsight is offering Terrahawk as a limited-release product for the 2018 harvest season.

Terrahawk, Headsight’s non-contacting radar height sensor for headers, will be featured at the National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) February 14-17, 2018. The product was previously only available through Headsight’s Experimental Use Program.

“Terrahawk is the result of more than five years of highly advanced testing and development,” says Headsight President Rich Gramm. “It will raise the bar for header height control performance in grain and cornfields worldwide.”

With its large sensing area and increased height range, Terrahawk has the most advanced header height control of any Headsight product. It has no moving parts, which eliminates sensor wear over time, while the non-contacting radar sensors provide industry-leading performance in the field.

“With its near ‘x-ray vision,’ Terrahawk can see ‘through’ a bale of straw or stubble to determine where the ground is within eight millimeters,” Gramm explains.

Headsight’s NFMS booth will feature its full line of height control, row guidance, and solution kit products. Each product is designed to push the limits of technology and provide farmers with cutting-edge harvest solutions.

For more information on the Headsight products that will be available at NFMS in February, contact Headsight or visit booth number 6311 at the show.