Foresight® | Headsight Harvesting Solutions


Precision Performance for Corn Harvesting

Foresight magnifies the sensitivity and responsiveness of your control system.  Foresight maximizes header height control near the ground, increases yields in down corn, adds protection for chopping heads, allows for faster harvest speeds, and allows the operator to focus on other vital tasks.


Foresight® offers a Precision Option for Corn Header Control

Foresight is an innovative header control system that compensates for snout movement - using ordinary height sensors to get extra-ordinary results.

The Foresight® Advantage

  • Improves header control near the ground
  • Increases harvestable yield in down corn
  • Adds protection for chopping heads
  • Allows faster harvest speeds

The Problem . . .

At low operating heights where you need the best header control, you have the worst.  Height control loses 50-75% of its responsiveness while the the snout tips are touching the ground.  Foresight brings it back!


When the snout tip is touching the ground, it loses vertical motion; therefore, the height sensor moves less, and the combine is less responsive.

There is very little sensor movement while the tip is on the ground

How Foresight® Works

Corn header height control sensors are mounted in the tip of the snout and measure the vertical distance between their mounting location and the ground.  The sensors are mounted here to give the combine an early warning of changes in the ground surface.  

However, when the snout tip contacts the ground, it stops moving vertically with respect to the ground.  Because the distance from the snout to the ground is what the sensor is measuring, it looses most of its ability to perform height sensing.

Foresight detects when the snout tips touch the ground (by using a calibration point), and magnifies the sensitivity below that point, giving the same (or better) header control responsiveness with the tips on the ground as off the ground.  

Any manufacturer’s sensors that are mounted in the snout have this problem – only Headsight has the patented solution!


Foresight comes standard on the Headsight Horizon Controller, and is a upgrade option available on the Headsight Insight controller.  Each Insight box includes a 5-hour FREE trial of Foresight.