Truesight 2 Software Updates | Headsight, Inc.

Truesight 2 Software Updates

Instructions for how to upgrade to the new Truesight software are included in the downloaded zip file in PDF form.

Version - 2.15.44

  • Truesight 2 (2.15.44)
  • - Fix: Issue on Case common cab machines where Truesight 2 would not turn on
  • - Fix: Going over Max Speed will now go put Truesight 2 in Road Mode as expected
  • - Fix: USB logging for Crop Input and Wheel Input now works

Version - 2.15.43

  • Truesight 2 (2.15.43)
  • - Add: CIH feeder position message to whitelist
  • - Fix: TS2 unlock logo randomly disappearing
  • - Fix: Green light caused by DMAC overrun on debug messages
  • Truesight Remote (With Truesight 2 base only) (2.43)
  • - Fix: Changed temp bump variable size to match actual bump size.
  • *HZ Bootloader v1.3.8, TS2 Bootloader v1.3.8, ONYX 3.39b, CSG 0.0

Version - 2.15.42

  • Truesight 2 (2.15.42)
  • IMPORTANT: All settings and calibrations will be reset to default if updating to this version from 2.14.4(TS2-2.14.40) or earlier
  • - Add: Support for updating Truesight Remote from the Truesight 2 Base (on supported Remotes)
  • - Add: Info screen if Truesight Remote is connected to an unsupported Truesight Base
  • - Add: VT support for hours that the system has been ENGAGED (About Screen)
  • - Add: VT support for GPS signal indicator (Signal lost, acquiring, acquired)
  • - Add: Going over Max Speed (default 10mph) will put Truesight in Road Mode
  • - Add: System will default to CAN speed selection if no GPS signal is detected during initial calibration
  • - Add: Wheel angle voltage will now be shown during initial calibration
  • - Fix: SSID for Wifi mode now broadcasts as intended
  • - Fix: Voltage for feedback input is now correct if sensor is lost (was displaying .3V if a sensor was lost, instead of correct 0V)
  • - Fix: General text changes
  • - Remove: Linked serial number on About screen
  • - Upd: Settings are no longer stored in the Truesight Remote (if connected via Truesight 2 Base). Settings are instead stored in the Truesight 2 Base.
  • - Upd: Changing systems while engaged will now disengage Truesight.
  • - Upd: Steering systems are now sorted alphabetically
  • - Upd: Auto-Engage, after leaving Road Mode, now requires a manual raise-lower of the feederhouse to prevent unintentional auto-engages
  • - Upd: ISObus ECU info for Headsight controllers now shows more correct/useful information
  • Truesight Remote (With Truesight 2 base only) (2.42)
  • - Add: A screen will now show if a Truesight Remote is connected to an incompatible Truesight or Truesight 2 base
  • - Upd: Settings are no longer stored in the Truesight remote. Settings will now be synchronized with the settings in Truesight 2 base
  • *HZ Bootloader v1.3.8, TS2 Bootloader v1.3.8, ONYX 3.39a, CSG 0.0.1

Version - 2.14.39

  • Release Notes 2.14.4
  • Truesight2(2.14.39)
  • Add: Support for EZ-Steer and Ontrac3 on a VT
  • Add: Moved EZ-Steer outputs to a relayed PWM
  • Add: Support for VT-Supplied speed over CAN using PGN FE49
  • Fix: Auto-Guide™ steering now works
  • Upd: All available settings are now logged when starting a USB log
  • Upd: Changed some default settings for certain steering systems.
  • Truesight(2.39)
  • No Changes
  • *HZ Bootloader v1.3.8, TS2 Bootloader v1.3.8, ONYX 3.37d, CSG 0.0.1

Version - 2.14.38

  • Release Notes 2.14.38
  • Truesight2(2.14.38)
  • -Add: CAN speed support for more models
  • -Fix: Alignment of JD-Och steering choice is now aligned with other steering choices
  • -Fix: GPS speed should now be more consistent(No key-cycle after dropout)
  • -Fix: Accuguide is now spelled correctly as AccuGuide
  • -Fix: No longer intermittently dropping pools on some machines
  • -Upd: USB logging has been updated to supply more settings
  • -Upd: While in bridge mode, no longer able to change WiFi name
  • Truesight(2.38)
  • -No Changes
  • HZ Bootloader v1.3.8, TS2 Bootloader v1.3.8, ONYX 3.37d, CSG 0.0.1

Version - 2.14.37

  • Release Notes 2.14.37
  • Truesight(2.37) and Truesight2(2.14.37)
  • Fix: Critical network bug which had the potential shut down combine operation in certain cases
  • Fix: Tilt sensor not affecting steering decision. Now it does.
  • Upd: Responsiveness of Tilt Sensor
  • Add: Support for AGCO Auto-Guide (Select models)
  • Add: Speed Select option for CAN (Select models) rather than just GPS puck
  • Fix: Help pages will now stay open only in the tabs where they were opened. (No more Overview help page staying open when switching to the Disengage tab)
  • Fix: Linked base Serial Number now shows correct 03xxxxx when Truesight2 is in bridge mode and connected to a Horizon base
  • Upd: Color changes to Truesight2 App
  • Upd: Clarified Error 54(Encoder not detected) to require steering wheel motion before engaging the first time
  • *HZ Bootloader v1.3.8, TS2 Bootloader v1.3.8, ONYX 3.37c, CSG 0.0.1

Version - 2.13.33

  • Horizon 2.13.5
  • Fix: Clicking Combine Inputs will now show updated voltage in sensor screen
  • Fix: Model Year 11 Geringhoff heads now no longer require Geringhoff unlock fold
  • Fix: Stripper header type option re-added to CaseIH and New Holland
  • Fix: Drago header model choice now correctly reflects choice being actively used in code
  • Fix: Terrahawk log files now correctly work.
  • Truesight(2.33) and Truesight2(2.13.33)
  • Add: Log files now have active setting values included
  • Fix: Speed now shows 0 instead of 5 when Speed Input is OFF
  • Fix: Speed will no longer fluctuate when the GPS has no signal
  • Fix: John Deere AutoTrac system encoder count no longer increases without touching the steering wheel
  • HZ Bootloader v1.3.8, TS2 Bootloader v1.3.8, ONYX 3.33a, CSG 0.0.1

Version - 2.13.32

  • Horizon 2.13.4
  • Fix: Mismatch between selected settings and Home Screen values. i.e. 6 sensors selected, but home screen said 7 sensors.
  • Truesight(2.32) and Truesight2(2.13.32)
  • - No Changes
  • *HZ Bootloader v1.3.8, TS2 Bootloader v1.3.8, ONYX 3.33a, CSG 0.0.1

Version - 2.13.32

  • Horizon 2.13.3
  • Add: Warning for Geringhoff App if a folding valve is detected, but no Geringhoff unlock on box
  • Add: (Advanced) Driver Reset Button
  • Add: Tribine now available as a Combine Make
  • Add: Truesense+ Help Screens
  • Fix: Rotor Speed for Shelbourne heads available, w/ Shelbourne unlock (removed in 2.13.2)
  • Fix: Pinpoint causing issues with sensor voltage on boxes with Hardware Version < 4
  • Fix: Rare issue causing a NAV2 error on some combines, causing the loss of GPS signal
  • Upd: “Analog” sensors renamed to “Mechanical” in Sensor Type
  • Upd: Made “Stripper” header easier to choose in Header Select.
  • Truesight(2.32) and Truesight2(2.13.32)
  • Fix: Spacing and resolution issues on some supported monitors.
  • *HZ Bootloader v1.3.8, TS2 Bootloader v1.3.8, ONYX 3.33a, CSG 0.0.1

Version - 2.13.30

  • Truesight(2.30) and Truesight2(2.13.30)
  • - Fix: Truesight2 now disengages when entering Roadmode
  • - Fix: Rare Issue with TS2 base connected to a TS Remote, where wheels would not stop turning left after an Auto-DZ cal: wheels now no longer keep turning
  • Horizon 2.13.1
  • - Add: Header Fore-Aft(HFAT) Pressure and Combine Speed now available on Signals page
  • - Fix: Advanced Pinpoint® now works much more reliably on Non-Corn Heads
  • - Fix: “Active when Raised” checkbox now works as intended on Truesense+
  • - Fix: Geringhoff Hydraulic Functions now stay on when switching to Diagnostics Page